London Mithraeum: a new home for the Temple of Mithras

Date and time: 25 Apr 2019 - 20:00
Location: Garden Room, Liston Hall, Chapel Street, Marlow SL7 1DD
Speaker: Louise Fowler
Organised by: AIM
Cost: AIM and MAS members £3, Visitors £4.50

In 1954, the discovery of a well-preserved Roman temple dedicated to the god Mithras on a London building site provoked a national debate about whether it was right for archaeological remains to be sacrificed for development. Following a public outcry, the site owners agreed to dismantle the remains of the temple and reconstruct them on a site nearby. Recently, redevelopment by new owners Bloomberg provided an opportunity to return the temple to the site of its discovery, as part of an innovative new public display. Louise will talk about MOLA’s work with Bloomberg and the team of exhibition designers, architects, engineers, stonemasons and artists who have brought the site’s fascinating past to life.

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