Along the Silk Roads: the archaeology of cities, caravanserai, routes and resilience

Date and time: 19 Nov 2020 - 19:30
Location: ,
Speaker: Tim Williams
Organised by: AIM
Cost: free

The Silk Roads is a term coined by the 19th century German geographer Ferdinand von Richtofen to encompass the huge network of routes that connected east and west Eurasia. Strategically sited trading posts, forts, markets and cities enabled the exchange of goods and ideas across vast geographical distances: textiles, spices, foods, animals, crafts, technologies, arts, culture, languages, religious ideas, philosophies, and science all played a pivotal and lasting role in shaping the societies and empires along the Silk Roads. The talk will explore the archaeological evidence of Silk Roads and its complex routes and landscapes.

This will be an online talk via Zoom

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