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Warren Wood Investigations – July 2013

We visited the site twice in July, on Sundays the 14th and 28th. On the 14th it was hot and dry and difficult to excavate, After rain, on the 28th, excavations were much easier. Seven members attended on the 14th and three on the 28th.

Note – For plan of site, see blog for November 2012.

On the 14th excavations took place in Squares ‘A’ and ‘C’.

Light orangey sandy material was excavated from Square C (context two) and then sieved. We have now excavated over half a metre of materials from this square. One possibly worked flint was found in this square.

6cms of hard baked sandy material, containing a few small pebbles, was removed from Square A, context two. No artefacts were unearthed from this Square.

A selection of photographs were taken of the excavation work and the laser level recording (see examples below), as well as some video film.

WW12 130714 (7)rev2

WW12 130714 (16)rev

On the 28th, excavations took place in Square ‘A’ and Square ‘G’ was cleaned up for drawing and photographing.

More sandy material was extracted from context two from Square ‘A’ and sieved. 3 sherds of pottery (10g) and one burnt stones (2g) were located and the largest pottery sherd (see photograph) and burnt stone were photographed.

WW12Finds T9 (A) 2 130728 Pot Sherd  (4)

Square G (context two) was drawn and then photographed.

On both days, AIM’s ‘laser level and staff’ were used to good effect to record the profile of both sides of the trench. These recordings will be transferred to graph paper, so that the context depths can be clearly seen.