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Warren Wood Investigations – November 2012

Only one visit was made to the site in November. On Sunday, the 11th, Four AIM members endeavoured to survey the outer enclosure (see photographs below).

A sunny day at Warren Wood
Total Station in use

Pegs and poles were inserted on the bank of the outer enclosure every 7/8 metres. Measurements were then recorded on AIM’s Total Station at these points and at one metres distances up and down Trench 9 (see graphic below).

Red dots show trench 9 and the high points of the bank of the outer enclosure overlaid on previous hachure drawing of the inner and outer enclosures



Warren Wood Investigations – October 2012

We visited Warren Wood twice in October. On the 14th we continued to excavate Squares B, C and G. These squares were photographed (see photograph of Square B, below) and Square G was drawn . Also below is a photograph of the pot sherd found within this context in Square G.

Square B. context 2
Pot sherd with inclusions

On the 28th, much time was spent measuring the depths of each on the contexts of the the seven squares within Trench 9. context 2 of Square F was also drawn. Squares A and E were excavated further (see photograph of dedicated volunteers, below).

Excavating and drawing in action!

Warren Wood Investigations – September 2012

Four visits were made to the site in September.

Trench 9, Drawing Frame over square B

More excavation work was conducted in the ‘bank’ area of Trench 9. The bank appears to have around 150mm (6″) of relatively fine sand of an orangey hue. As the sandy cover is on top of a bank, it is currently felt that this is not geology and, therefore, the bank was constructed for a specific purpose (yet unknown).

Context 2, Square B, Trench 9
Context 2, Square B, Trench 9

After Square B was photographed (see above), the square was drawn (see below).

Drawing of Context 2, Square B, Trench 9
Drawing of Context 2, Square B, Trench 9 (click to view full size)


Warren Wood Investigations – August 2012

Excavations continued during August with fewer volunteers, due to Summer holidays (see photograph of willing helpers below).

Happy volunteers!

In August Squares C and D were excavated down into contexts two, as were Squares F and G (see photograph of Square G below).

Sqaure G, Context 2

In Square B, context two, a sherd of Pottery with inclusions was found (see photograph below). This sherd appeared similar to Iron Age pottery sherds found during 2011/12.

Pottery Sherd with inclusions

Warren Wood Investigations – July 2012

Excavation continued in July with Square G taken down through context one and Square F entering context two. In Square F some Pot Boilers were found weighing 49gms in total (pot boilers were used by pre-historic man and are the remains of stone and flints that were heated in fires and then placed in containers of water in order to boil it).

Pot Boilers from Square F

Drawings were made of each Square during July and on a regular basis and an example is shown below from Square G. 




Warren Wood Investigations – March/April 2012

On Sunday the 18th of March, AIM began its investigations at Warren Wood, Little Marlow. The main objective was to date the larger outer enclosure by excavating a trench across its bank and ditch. See the trench in the photograph below.

Trench 9

During our investigations in 2011/12 we dug 8 test pits. Consequently our new trench was numbered ‘9’. The trench measured 1 metre x 7 metres. The intention was to excavate one context/level at a time, therefore gradually revealling a profile along the 7 metre side of the trench. The first 1 metre x 1 metre square (‘A’) was excavated at the top of the trench (see photograph below).

Square ‘A’










In April, square A was excavated through context/level one. This context was a dark brown rich organic soil.