Warren Wood Investigations – November 2016

We have now finished for the season, having made 13 visits since the end of May. During one week in July we made four lengthier visits to the site which enabled us to make more progress. During this period we have concentrated on two trenches – T12 and T13.

The aim of the work in Trench 12 is to try and establish the construction date of the inner enclosure bank and ditch. Few datable finds have been recovered so far, and most of these are from the upper layers, se we have not yet found anything conclusive. It is also proving very difficult to distinguish between the ditch fill and the natural surface, due to the lack of finds and the fact that much of the fill is of the same material as the natural surface beneath. We hope to use auguring next spring to help solve this problem.


Trench 13 is within the inner enclosure. We have uncovered a significant amount of flint rubble that may be evidence of stone walling in this area: this was noted by Arthur Boarder in the 1970s and supported by a resistivity survey last year. Unfortunately, we cannot determine the exact position of the walling as the flint does not appear to be in situ. The trench also contains a large amount of medieval pottery and roof tile.


Both trenches have now been covered for the winter and we plan to finish them next year. In early spring, we will visit the site with Phil Andrews, our professional adviser from Wessex Archaeology, to discuss our strategy for 2017. One option is to carry out a mix of excavation, field-walking and surveying, as this may help us understand Warren Wood within its surrounding landscape.

We plan to do some field-walking in the surrounding woodland in the new year and we will let you know when we plan to do this, so that you have the opportunity to join us.

Many thanks to all our volunteers this year. We look forward to working with you again next year and welcome any others who may wish to join us.

Please contact the fieldwork coordinator if you would like to attend. Contact details can be found on the Contact page.



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