We resumed excavations this year in April and made four visits up to the end of May. The bluebells make it a nice time of the year to be on a woodland site.


We also made a visit in late March with Phil Andrews of Wessex Archaeology, who advised us on our plans for this year. Our priorities were to finish test pit 11 (T11) in the inner enclosure and focus on test pit 12 (T12) across the enclosure bank and ditch. We also discussed potential positions for further trenches.

We have now completed excavating T11, although recording is not yet complete. We found a lot of pottery, including some more coarse pottery similar to that found last season. Some of it may be prehistoric and is also similar to pottery previously found in T6 nearby. These examples shows fingerprint decoration.

T11 C4 coarse pot finger decoration_1

T12 is very different as it has yielded hardly any finds at all so far. This is not unexpected as we have mostly been excavating the top of the bank and did not expect to find much there. We have also started a couple of 1m squares in the ditch where we are more optimistic of finding datable material.

T12 Sq A&B C1

We have taken measurements of the remaining profiles across the inner enclosure bank and ditch, which will enable us to produce ten profiles showing how the shape of the bank and ditch varies.

Using our Total Station we have surveyed the position of a new trench (T13) in the northern part of the inner enclosure. This trench is positioned to investigate some interesting findings from the resistivity survey which was done last year by Andrew Hutt of Berkshire Archaeology Research Group. It is possible that this trench will uncover the remains of a flint wall, which was recorded by Arthur Boarder in the 1970s.

Further visits are planned on the following dates:

June 5th and 19th
July 3rd and 24th
August 7th and 21st
September 4th and 18th

Further visits will take place in October, weather permitting.

We have already had some new enthusiastic volunteers join us at the site this year and we would welcome any more AiM members who are interested. Please contact the fieldwork coordinator if you would like to attend. Contact details can be found on the Contact page






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