We resumed excavations this year with visits on 12th and 19th April. On 12th April we removed our protective membrane covers from trenches 10 and 11 and cleaned both trenches before restarting excavation. A number of large flints were removed from Trench 10 and added to those previously extracted. A few small pieces of pottery were found including one with a decorative groove. Trench 11 yielded quite a large amount of broken tile and a few pottery sherds, but very little flint. All the broken roof tile that had been previously excavated was reweighed. The total weight of al tile excavated so far is: Trench 10: 28.7kg Trench 11: 38.5kg On 19th April we excavated Trench 10 further and found a concentrated patch of broken tile in one corner. This was photographed (see below) and will be investigated further as a potential feature.

WW14 T10 Conx 2 150419 (1)_1

WW14 T10 Conx 2 150419 (3)_1

We started taking measurements for the profiles across the inner enclosure bank and ditch. The positions of the 10 profiles were marked in March with the advice of Phil Andrews of Wessex Archaeology. Profile P1 was measured using the laser level and further profiles will be taken during forthcoming visits. WW14 150419 Profile 1

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