Warren Wood Investigations – March 2015

On the 1st of March Phil Andrews of Wessex Archaeology visited us at Warren Wood and took us around the surrounding area to try to understand the local landscape. After our tour, Phil advised us as to where to insert metal and plastic pegs in the inner enclosure to mark a series of profiles we intend to measure during future visits. We also marked out the location of the test pit to be dug across the bank and ditch of the inner enclosure.

On Sunday morning on the 22nd of March, we gathered to conduct both Resistivity and Topographical Surveys. We contacted Andrew Hutt of the Berkshire Archaeological Research Group (BARG), who kindly conducted the Resistivity Survey for us to try to locate the ‘flint wall’ depicted on graphics from 1978 (see graphics and photo’   below).


WW 150322 (2)lge

WW14 150322 Topo survey 2a + AHrev

See below for explanation of the red crosses

We used our Total Station to record the geophysics 10m x 20m rectangle, the profile positions and the location of the bank and ditch trench. These recordings were all overlaid on our site maps and graphics (see photo’ and graphic below).

WW 150322 (91)MF

WW14 150322 Topo Survey 0rev

The red crosses situated within the blue rectangle indicate where trees are growing, the red cross in the circle is where the Total station was set up, the two groups of four red crosses depict Test Pits 10 and 11 and the groups of two red crosses indicate where we intend to record profiles. The two red crosses  at 0m and 65m on our base line were recorded at the locations of our two Temporary Bench Marks (TBMs).

We now have a programme of visit dates for Warren Wood on the following Sundays:- April 12th and 19th, May 10th and 24th, June 7th and 21st, July 5th and 19th (and beyond).

On these days we intend to recommence our excavation work in Test Pits 10 and 11, to start work on the bank and ditch trench (Test Pit 12), to record the profiles and to consider other excavation options, once the results of the resistivity survey have been evaluated.

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