Warren Wood Investigations – October 2014

The site was visited twice on Sundays in October with 11 volunteers attending over these two days.

Excavations continued in Test Pits 10 and 11 (see photo’ example below) and 5.6kgs and 6.6kgs of Roof Tile were excavated from each respectively. A few pieces of worked flint and pottery sherds were unearthed, plus one small metal object (probably ferric).

WW14 T10 Conx 2 141012RT res

Photo’ courtesy of Roland Tillyer

Drawing were made of both the extended test pits (see example below).

WW14 141026 Drawing T10 Cont 2 res

Another attempt was made to locate ‘the wall’ on Arthur Boarder’s 1978 drawing of the inner enclosure. Although some largish flints were observed in the middle north section of the inner enclosure, it is difficult to believe that they are the remains of a wall. Photographs were taken of this area and a peg was left in the area observed, to mark the location of a couple of medieval pottery sherds.

To conclude the 2014 season, a semi-permeable membrane was deposited in each test pit and these were lightly covered with soil from the relevant spoil heaps for protection over the winter.




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