Warren Wood Investigations – October & November 2013

Since September, a total of 12 AIM members and visiting volunteers visited our trench at Warren Wood on the 27th of October and the 10th of November to help with excavations (our planned visit on the 13th of October was cancelled due to heavy and persistent rain).

We were delighted to welcome Phil Andrews a Professional Archaeologist from Wessex Archaeology to the site on 27th of October. Phil took a good look at our activities and practices and seemed pleased at what he saw. He also familiarised himself with the site by making a tour of the general area.

Phil suggested that we might try some auguring close to Trench nine, in the outer enclosure, to ascertain where the natural geology begins. Auguring across the bank of the inner enclosure may also prove to be useful.

Phil also scrutinised our finds/artefacts and said that the 106 stones with black deposits from Square ‘B’, (see photo’ in September blog), were, in fact, naturally occurring stones. These stones were deposited onto the relevant spoil heap on the 10th of November.

Phil took away our large animal bone (see photo’ in June blog) for identification. The experts at Wessex Archaeology think it is a cattle bone, the right tibia. They think it may be a bit large to be Iron Age, so it may be medieval.

During the two visits we excavated in the two new squares, A1 and A2, (see graphic below) and in square G. We were excavating at both ends of the trench to try to identify natural geology.

WW12 T9 Extension plan rev

Some burnt flint, and worked flints were found, mostly in Square A2.   Although we are gradually creating a good trench profile across our bank and ditch, it is taking time, as large amounts of earth have to be removed from the trench. We are not certain whether we have reached natural geology yet, but, no doubt, in 2014 we will locate it.

Phil Andrews has offered to bring along an auger to the site, which should give us much quicker stratigraphy of our banks. The site is now closed and protected until Spring 2014 (see photograph of trench and volunteers).

WW12 131110 (7)rev

Many thanks for all the help everyone has given during 2013, it has been greatly appreciated. Also, many thanks to Richard, Jan and the Mash family for allowing us onto their land and for their generous and helpful support.

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