Warren Wood Investigations – September 2013

In September, 16 AIM members and visiting volunteers visited the trench at Warren Wood on the 1st, 15th and 29th to help with the continuing excavations.

During these visits, a total of 7 pieces of pottery were uncovered, along with 4 pieces of burnt and worked flints from Squares ‘B’ and ‘E’. Intriguingly, 106 stones with black deposits on them have been located in Square ‘B’, weighing in at 1.571kgs (see photograph of examples below).

WW12Finds T9 B 2 130901 Burnt Stones (0) rev

On the 15th of September, we held an all-day session and decided to extend the trench two metres east into the inner enclosure. The two new squares are numbered ‘A1’ and ‘A2’ (see graphic below for location of squares). We made this decision in the hope that ‘natural geology’ will be encountered within 10/15cms in these new squares. If this is the case, we should be able to follow a line descending down to natural geology in the adjacent squares.WW12 T9 Extension plan rev

The top soil (context one  –  7/10cm) was removed from both Squares A1 and A2. No artefacts were located in either context one. However, context two in Square A1  revealed 1 piece of worked flint and context two in Square A2 revealed 4 pieces of pot (see photograph of three pieces below), 6 pieces of Burnt and worked flint and, intriguingly, 7 pieces of red tile (see photograph below). The tile appears to be Medieval, but, if so, it seems to be out of place!

WW12Finds T9 A2 2 130929 pottery (1) rev
Pottery Sherds
WW12Finds T9 A2 2 130929 Roof Tile rev
Medieval Roof Tile (?)


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