Warren Wood Investigations – August 2013

We visited the site twice in August, on Sundays the 4th and 18th. On the 4th it was sunny, warm and dry. Conditions for excavations were good. Six members attended on the 4th and three on the 18th.

Note – For plan of site, see blog for November 2012 and the graphic below, specifically showing the seven 1m x 1m squares marked G (ditch) to A (top of bank).

On the 4th excavations took place in Squares ‘B’, ‘F’ and ‘G’.

A few cms of light orangey sandy material was excavated from all three Squares (all contexts two) and then sieved.

Three pieces of charcoal (1gm) were found in square ‘B’. One sherd of pottery (2gm), one burnt stone (18gm) and one possible worked flint (8gms) were found in square ‘G’. No artefacts were found in square ‘F’

A selection of photographs were taken of those conducting the excavation work and some of the trench looking west to east (see photographs).

WW12 130804 (1) rez
‘The workers’
WW12 T9 W-E 130811 (3) res
Trench 9 Looking east to west

On the 18th, excavations took place in Square ‘B’ and Square ‘C. More sandy material was extracted from contexts two from Squares ‘B’ and ‘C’ and sieved. Up to 37 cm in square ‘B and 12 cm in square ‘C’. As we descend more pebbles are unearthed. These measure about 3cm, up to more than 5cm, in diameter. Squares ‘B’ and ‘C’ were then photographed.

Two pottery sherds (23gm) were found in square ‘B’ and 3 sherds of pottery (23g) were located in square ‘C’ (see photograph). These sherds look suspiciously like Iron, or Bronze, Age pottery! The spoil heaps and the seven squares were metal detected, but no metal artefacts were found.

WW12Finds T9 C 2 130818 Pot b rev
Pottery Sherds – Square ‘C’ Context two



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