Warren Wood Investigations – April 2013

The site was visited twice in April, on Sundays the 7th and 21st. On both days the weather was bright and sunny, but a little cold. Four members attended on the 7th and twelve on the 21st.

On the 7th, this being the first visit of the year, we took some time brushing away all the leaves that had accumulated within Trench 9.

Square D was excavated through much yellow sandy material, but this excavation was not completed. Squares F and G were excavated until context two had been removed. Both squares were then photographed from the south. The participants were also photographed.

Four pieces of pottery and four pot boilers were located in the squares excavated. These were photographed.

On the 21st, twelve AIM members attended Hugo Anderson-Whymark’s flint workshop. As Hugo had been delayed by car trouble, the workshop took place later than planned. So, those gathered were either, given a tour of the site, or helped with excavations in Trench 9.

WW12 Hugo 130421 (18)rev
Hugo Anderson-Whymark flint knapping

Hugo arrived and began by showing us what man-made flint tools and waste flakes look like and the changes that flint undergoes when heated. Hugo then demonstrated how some of these flint tools were made (see photograph), culminating in him creating a hand

WW12 Hugo hand Axe (9)
Hand Axe made by Hugo on 21/4/13

axe from a large piece of flint which he had brought along (see photograph); he then showed us an amazing collection of ancient and modern manufactured flints; from arrow heads, to scrapers, to hand axes.


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