Flint work at Warren Wood

Twelve AIM members took a break from digging on Sunday the 21st of April to attend a ‘flint workshop’ at Warren Wood, run by Dr Hugo Anderson-Whymark, a professional archaeologist and flintworking expert.

Hugo gave a demonstration of flint tool production and flint identification and began by showing the group what man-made flint tools and waste flakes look like and the changes that pieces of flint undergo when heated.

Hugo then demonstrated how some of these flint tools were made (see photograph), by a process known as knapping, culminating in him creating a hand axe from a large piece of flint which he had brought along (see photograph on page 2).

He then showed us an amazing collection of ancient and modern manufactured flints; from arrow heads, to scrapers, to hand axes. Hugo had also manufactured a replica arrow head, which was recently presented as a trophy to Time Team’s Phil Harding on being voted the Archaeologist of the Year.

AIM restarted its excavations in Warren Wood in April. The site was thought to be a medieval enclosure, but has revealed itself to be a site with a much older occupation. Further information can be found by visiting the Archaeology in Marlow website, www.archaeologyinmarlow.org.uk.


See page five for more information about AIM work at Warren Wood


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