Warren Wood Investigations – March/April 2012

On Sunday the 18th of March, AIM began its investigations at Warren Wood, Little Marlow. The main objective was to date the larger outer enclosure by excavating a trench across its bank and ditch. See the trench in the photograph below.

Trench 9

During our investigations in 2011/12 we dug 8 test pits. Consequently our new trench was numbered ‘9’. The trench measured 1 metre x 7 metres. The intention was to excavate one context/level at a time, therefore gradually revealling a profile along the 7 metre side of the trench. The first 1 metre x 1 metre square (‘A’) was excavated at the top of the trench (see photograph below).

Square ‘A’










In April, square A was excavated through context/level one. This context was a dark brown rich organic soil.

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