Marlow people in the Civil War

On 25th October 2007, Julian Hunt gave us a talk about the people of Buckinghamshire who were involved in the period of the Civil War, 1642 – 1651. Julian is well qualified to present this subject having been directly involved in the formation of the magnificent ‘ Buckinghamshire in the Civil War’ exhibition which was in Aylesbury Museum from November 2004 to February 2005. This was a stunning collection of paintings, furniture, documents, artefacts and personal possessions relating to people from the area during this period of conflict. Even a shoe belonging to one of Charles I executioners was on display!

As it happens, quite a large number of important families from the area were significant in the period just before and during the war (John Hampden, the Verneys, Bulstrode Whitelock, the Digbys, Prince Rupert and others and not to mention Charles I and Oliver Cromwell). Also, Buckinghamshire formed an important boundary between the Royalist and Parliamentarian sides.

Julian’s talk centred around the portraits and he gave us a detailed account of each pictured person, their background and they and their families’ involvement in the war.

We are all familiar with the tale of Sir Miles Hobart’s accident on Holborn, and its memorial in All Saints – but was it an accident or possible sabotage? This is just one example of the intriguing details which Julian was able to tell us about. There were many superb pictures and one could almost feel the intense significance to each of the people of what was happening to them at that time.

It was an excellent presentation given to us by an expert in the subject. Thank you Julian, for talking to us.

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