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Archaeology in Marlow’s aim is to investigate and discover the archaeology and pre-history of Marlow Town and its surrounding parishes.

Everyone is welcome to join and members enjoy research, fieldwork, training courses, talks and visits. Information about all of these activities can be found in our regular Newsletter and across this site.

AIM’s aim is to involve as many people as possible in practical archaeology and research and also to entertain them with talks on general and local subjects. Lists of our activities to date are shown on the pages covering projects and past events.

As can be seen, we have covered a very wide range and this has included:

  • Ongoing excavation and training at Warren Wood
  • Training events at Happy Valley, Medmenham, Little Marlow and others
  • Fieldwork covering at least eight different locations
  • Setting up, completing and publishing the ROMADAM project
  • Visits to interesting sites, houses and museums
  • Research into Marlow’s history, origins and layout
  • Presentations to local and national groups
  • Hosting many public talks

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Similar work will continue in future years. Our most recent “Dig” was at Warren Wood – which has recently been confirmed as a medieval double enclosure (of unknown usage), that’s set in a wooded landscape, with a seemingly vast array of archaeological lumps and bumps.  Also found recently is an Iron Age pit with several large pieces of a bowl, complete with the maker’s unexpectedly small finger indentations.

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